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The SDU helps to generate a quite complex scenery with full crash objects support for Heli-X 4. Heli-X uses a set of XML files to define the scenery. All of these files get built by SDU without the need to manually edit those files.

Starting with version 4.1, Heli-X supports an entirely designed ground topography, sparing the formerly implicit ground plane. This is a basic functionality to allow scenery conversions without losing major scenery details.

The drawback of this function is: Heli-X 4 generally draws shadows on the ground plane only. A entirely modeled ground therefore loses shadows. As a workaround, Heli-X allows to place a small number of ‘shadow boxes’ around the pilot’s position to get the shadows back at least at the most helpful points. These shadow boxes are fully supported by SDU and can be placed interactively within the scenery...

Note: Heli-X since version 5 supports ground shadows without any workarounds.


Workflow - Heli-X