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Creating a derived scenery for Aerofly Professional Deluxe is a quite expensive matter. Here, the SDU helps to create the required AC3D models suitable for the IPACS AC3D plug-in and the complete scenery description file (GEO file).

Some extra attention should be paid to the setup of the topography (.ac3) files. Avoid to have vertices shared between surfaces of two different topography files. AFPD may crash when trying to load such a setup. But there is a mechanism in SDU that does a quite good job in finding and indicating this problem before proceeding to export...

Alpha Channels

The mapping of alpha channels is supported, respecting the source TIFF’s alpha channel only. There is no support for extra textures with alpha channels - simply because at the time of writing I have no clear understanding of how to realize this ;-). Perhaps IPACS may provide some brief documentation regarding this topic once upon a time (?).

New in SDU as of 2011-11

SDU now automates correct north settings for both, AFPD and Aerofly 5.
North in AFPD/Aerofly 5 automatically matches the north settings as predefined in RSK.


SDU supports in creating a number of contests for AFPD:

  • Balloon Popping
  • Drag Race
  • Pylon Race
  • Spot Landing

These contests can be modeled interactively and get previewed in the 3D viewer windows.


SDU Workflow APD