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In many points, creating a derived scenery for Aerofly 5 is similar to the way previously described in the AFPD workflow.

The Aerofly 5 scenery setup is described in a TSC file rather than in a GEO as used by AFPD. The TSC’s structure is much more complex than the GEO’s one and, as usual, not officially documented in any ways. Here the OpenGL’s documentation is a helpful lecture to get some special things understood.

For Aerofly 5, SDU creates a complete TSC file plus the required AC3D model.

As mentioned previously for AFPD, also the Aerofly 5 scenery output is rotated by 90 degrees...

A note about use of “water” as material: AF5 currently ( does not support the use of water in photo sceneries. Water rather behaves like ‘asphalt’ here.
Perhaps this gets fixed in some future AF5 release...

SDU supports in creating a number of contests for Aerofly 5:

  • Balloon Popping
  • Heli Precision
  • Pylon Race
  • Spot Landing
  • Autorotation
  • Limbo

These contests can be modeled interactively and get previewed in the 3D viewer window.


SDU Workflow AF5